Training with Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp thailand


Im trying to do a few things at once….. running the Phuket Top Team camp when i can and then training in all spare time.

Combine this with a wife and a young baby – life is hecktik and fun.

Im living in Thailand and looking to fight more and more. Since being out here ive had a Boxing fight, entered Jiu jitsu tournaments, had 3 muay thai fights and THEN….. got Hep A (via food poisoning)

So with 6 months out of training (Hep A is kinda’ like chronic fatigue for a while) i am now back in training. Once i get my fitness up, id like to fight again regularly.



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  1. Thomas V

    Dear Phuket Top Team.
    1. Is it possible to be a fulltime MMA pro in your team?
    2. If you consider the fighter good and a prospect, and the fighter is willing to fight and sacrifice a lot how often can he fight if he is not injured and in good shape?
    3. . What kind of fights are you offring a fulltime MMA fighter in your team? Is it small events in Thailand or do you have connections with bigger events around Asia?
    4. How much does a budgetroom and training together cost per month? What does the room have? AC? Internet? TV?

    5.If the fighter is a fulltime pro at your team, does he still pays for training and accommodation?

    Please mail me. Im comming down very soon!

    February 25, 2012 at 5:38 pm

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