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After a conversation with Mike & Manhoef….

After a great show and great time in Singapore at One Fc, i went back home and relaxed from a hectic weekend.

I had spent a morning/lunch talking with Melvin Manhoef and more with his coach Mike Passenier – the head coach and owner of the world famous Mike’s Gym.

We talked a lot of shit and alot about fighting, i remember we were talking about a particular fighter and my friend Daniel mentioned his Chin being an Iron Chin…. Mike cut him off and said

“No no no – its not about a chin, its the punch you don’t see. If you see the punch you can have a chin”

I was thinking this sounded like a cool quotable but wasnt entirely convinced.

The theory being, if you see it, you prepare for it and your body can come with impact and absorb it better…. then i was home flicking through youtube clips.

Well… i seen a guy with an IRON JAW – and you know what, he stuck it out – looked at the punches coming and prepared himself for them…

Maybe Mike makes a good point.


DEDICATION is the key

A weekend in Malaysia & some fun times

Look… im too lazy and tired right now to be writting… and thanks to youtube i can kinda’ sum up my weekend

Dropped in to Affiliate gym in Malaysia – MuayFit

Went to MFC 4 

Seen 2 Phuket Top Team Fighters Win

Flew Home and slept

Work / Train then im flying to Singapore for ONE Fc in 16 days

Busy week

Vaughan Lee Submits Kid Yamamoto !

Phuket Top Team Past and Future student – Vaughan Lee racked up his first UFC win against the JMMA legend Kid Yamamoto.

THe PTT Alumni, Vaughan Lee – took a huge storm of punches and knees to eventually recover and throw back on Kid. Catching Kid and stumbling him – Vaughan runs in to finish. He is taken down but then manages to pull a triangle that he transitions into an Armbar!

Vaughan Lee is the first to submit Kid Yamamoto – something even Royler Gracie and Genki Sudo have been unable to do.

Vaughan Lee also picked up submission of the night !

Big Names and Fun Times

Bit of a busy few weeks…

UFC / Bellator Veteran Roger Huerta is back in training and hitting the mats daily at Phuket Top Team, awesome to have him back and lots of students loving the opportunity to roll and learn alongside Huerta.

Jorge Masvidal is set to arrive on the 2nd March – should be an awesome seminar!

Phuket Top Team past and future student – Vaughan Lee just got his first UFC win against none other than Kid Yamamoto in UFC 144 Japan. Vaughan was the first person to ever submit Kid (who survived submissions from Genki Sudo and Royler Gracie)

Ohh and of course the Brazilian Bjj trainers have been tearing it up with some great classes and seminars!

I cant lie… im looking forward to meeting Masvidal – this guy is as entertaining as they come.

I remember seeing his street fight against RAY (kimbo’s prodigy) Then some time after there this guy fighting legit MMA.

Masvidal has defeated huge name in MMA including: Joe Lauzon, Yves Edwards, Evangelista ‘Cyborg’, Kj Noons and Rolando Delgado
Masvidal has faught in Bellator and is now fighting for and signed to Strikeforce
With 22 wins and 7 losses Masvidal is an experienced fighter with great skills.

Seminar to be announced