Training with Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp thailand

Fights Id Like To See

Here at Phuket Top Team we have been grinding, growing and developing a formidable fight team.

With a great list of permanent talent based here and also a large list of talent that come through PTT for training camps and fight preperation.

I decided to put together a list of some fights i’d love to see with some of the guys that come through PTT or are based with us permanently.

Let me know your thoughts !?




Andrew Leone (6-2) Vs Roy Docyogen  (10-0)

Anthony Leone (11-5) Vs Bibiano Fernandes (11-3)

OR Jessie Rafols (6-3)

James Mcsweeney (10-9) Vs Babalu Sobral (37-9)

OR Melvin Manhoef (24-9)

Adam Kayoom (3-1) Vs Yuya Shirai (22-11)

Alexis Vila (11-2) Vs Masakazu Imanari (25-11)

OR Gustavo Falciroli (12-3)

Jorge Masvidal (22-7) Vs Shinya Aoki (30-6)

OR Roger Huerta (21-7)

Tim Goodwin (6-3) Vs Allamurad Karayev (9-0)

Rodrigo Praxedes (2-1) Vs Alan Fernandes (3-2)

Antonio Mckee (28-4) Vs Roger Huerta (21-7)

Or Shinya Aoki (30-6) or Zorobabel Moreira (7-1)

Phil Baroni (14-15) Vs Fabricio Monteiro (18-9)

OR (the epic) Baroni Vs Huerta grudge match




* These are all math ups that refer to ONE FC


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