Training with Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp thailand

After a conversation with Mike & Manhoef….

After a great show and great time in Singapore at One Fc, i went back home and relaxed from a hectic weekend.

I had spent a morning/lunch talking with Melvin Manhoef and more with his coach Mike Passenier – the head coach and owner of the world famous Mike’s Gym.

We talked a lot of shit and alot about fighting, i remember we were talking about a particular fighter and my friend Daniel mentioned his Chin being an Iron Chin…. Mike cut him off and said

“No no no – its not about a chin, its the punch you don’t see. If you see the punch you can have a chin”

I was thinking this sounded like a cool quotable but wasnt entirely convinced.

The theory being, if you see it, you prepare for it and your body can come with impact and absorb it better…. then i was home flicking through youtube clips.

Well… i seen a guy with an IRON JAW – and you know what, he stuck it out – looked at the punches coming and prepared himself for them…

Maybe Mike makes a good point.


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