Training with Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp thailand

Meeting Cool people is part of the job…..

Its been a great week at Phuket Top Team and meeting new people.

The past 2 weeks we have had MMA fighter – One Fc Fighter – Road Fc Fighter and now a Phuket Top Team Fighter – Andrew Leone

Hes been smashing the gym and preparing hard for his Road Fc debut in Soul – Korea!

Helping Andrew and the team has also been the arrival of no less than 3 Brazilian born and raised Bjj Blackbelts along with resided Professor Silvio Braga (a 3rd degree black belt himself)

Cristiano Kaminishi, Enrique and Silvio Braga were joined by Professor Rodrigo Praxedes – a Nova Uniao Bjj Black Belt.

The rolling in the Bjj classes has been great ! Who would have thought an MMA gym in Phuket Thailand would be a place 4 brazilian born BJJ Black Belts would be on the mats at the same time.

Also had a cool chat and hang out with Lauchy and Roger Huerta about some cool future happenings in Phuket and the MMA scene out here. Roger Huerta is recovering from his broken Rib and after talking with him i CANT WAIT to see him in shape and fight un injured. Guy has so much drive and im looking forward to following the next fight!

Anyone writting him off as a fighter who can beat some of the best at 155, is wrong.

This week ive also been hanging out with StillW1LL who has made some of the BEST HighLight videos in Combat Sport history.

Check out his YOUTUBE channel and the below clip is my fav. fighter Gokhan Saki – giving props to my boy Big Willy. Been a blast hanging with Will and Andrew and the brazilians. Life is good when you meet cool guys.




One response

  1. Nice post Boyd

    A hotchpotch of nationalities under one banner in Phuket 😉

    January 24, 2012 at 7:12 pm

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