Training with Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp thailand

Hose + Kid = Mess & 3 Brazilian with Black Belts = Phuket Top Team

My Boy (colin) has finally found the toilet/bathroom hose….

and is now running a muck with it!

Nearly 2 years old (terrible 2’s?) and spraying the place down, including his mum and 3 month old baby sister (Kylie)

In other news:

3 Brazilians walk into a gym – 1 is a 3rd degree black belt, the other a 1st degree black belt and the othter a Black Belt. The Joke ?

This is now Joke – The Gym is Phuket Top Team & these 3 animals are all here at the same time.

THIS  is going to be a FUN month.

Proff. Silvio Braga, Cristiano Kaminishi and Inrique – all have one regional and Brazilian Brazilian Black belt championships.


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