Training with Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp thailand

Sure call it tough business, i just think its a bit low – but whatever

Everyone knows about our issues at PTT with Tiger (more just Ray than anyone)

Another fine example – Tiger always built there name and stayed strong to that.

Once we opened and named our gym Phuket Top Team (much like there is Korean top team, croation top team, australian top team and so many more)

Tiger decided to go and pay for brazilian top team rights…. why?

could it be to build a website with topteamphuket in the title, then try and use SEO (search engine optomisation) to make it that THERE top team is found and not our gym.

even opening a twitter account called topteamphuket

I mean come on guys – your a gym with 400 plus students, and your worried about a gym with a CAP of 60 students. Why?

I mean im flattered and all, but rather than buying up a name and website, and paying for lots of SEO – why not spend that money on your fighters?  Just a thought.

But the website looks nice, i see you organised your workers and permits and all for your trainers. Thats cool.

We’ve never wanted issues only to not have someone try effect us and spend there energy to negatively effect our business.



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