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Life is Cheap – and its not Just Thailand

Am i religious ?

errrmmm, i guess no… but not in the atheist sense.

I was brought up ‘christian’ but never got into church and rules and regulations etc.

I like elements of buddhism but again, some of the super natural side of it is a bit much for me.

So im a pseudo buddhist, happy to accept and even respect lots of elements of Islam, and still remember and respect a lot of elements of Catholic beliefs. officially im Agnostic – i think something is there – God / Destiny / Aliens controlling us from above….. somethings definitely up!

I say all of this because this past 2 months ive felt like im working for no reason, waking up for no reason and the only thing making me happy for real was 2 kids.
But i got a wake up call, one i needed. A slap to say

“Man your a sad case, if you think your life is bad”

i own a gym and have 2 kids, a wife, 2 cars a house and a motorbike – yeah im busting my ass working… yeah im getting a bit stressed, and YEAH ive missed a lot of training and even for the FIRST time in my life grown a mini belly.

BUT – im lucky as hell to be here with that. Plus i can even change all those slight negatives if i stop whining and start doing things smarter.

OK – Before i lose you with ramblings – im gonna explain how i got to this mind set

Over the last 10 days these 4 things happened:

1) I was shown a documentary that changed my outlook on alot of things (its an 8 part series – on youtube but only like 30 mins long in total – WATCH IT !

CLICK HERE to take you to the 8 part series

2) My wife calls me to a motorbike crash – one guy is dead the other possibly might die – this is not the first ive seen in Thailand (for me ive seen 5 dead bodies out here) and lots more injured bad. But this is the first i have seen since having my own kids

3) A friend of mine out here gives me a call…. he sounds weird… something is up…. he tells me “mate my brother is dead, they stabbed him in a pub fight. Hes my younger brother, hes got a wife and 3 kids and its 7 days until Christmas” This didnt happen in Thailand, it happened in the UK – What a mess, how bad for the wife, the kids, and his brother (my mate) and his mum and family.

4) I havnt been training myself, so i feel kinda like shit… for me i have always lived ALL or Nothing. I either train 2 x a day and bust my balls and fight or i do nothing, i need 100% or ill find partying 100% or something else 100% I had a huge 2/3 day bender – illegals and partying and running a muck. Driving around with someone in the same state – i could be dead, or the car could have hit someone. Stupid shit.
But given all thats happend i now know what i want and where i want to be…

and its not dead, its not in some country where life is always going to be shit, i have oppertunities and abilities. So its about time i get back on top of it all.

In the end – we all drop off here and there – champions and winners in LIFE just manage to be as consistent as possible.

Im looking forward to 2012… in 2011 i worked my ass off, i dealt with lots of shit from competitors, i had 2 kids and opened a gym…. 2012 is going to see the stress and work come to fruition.

Sorry if all the bored anyone – but thats easy fixed…. Dont read the blog 🙂

(p.s. promise to be more cheery and have more fun stuf to say next blog)


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