Training with Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp thailand

Andrew Leone – One Fc and URCC pro MMA Fighter Joins Phuket Top Team

22 Year old Bantemweight standout, Andrew Leone has signed contracts with ONE fc and URCC this year… Andrew has also made the move to join the Fight Team at Phuket Top Team.

Looking forward to seeing Andrew develop and seeing the team here really grow.

Andrew is a fantastic wrestler and also shown over the past 1/2 years that he is a very accomplished MMA fighter.

“I started wrestling around 3, but didn’t take it serious till about 12. Parents put me in the kids program and then when I was 12 I started taking the school program and it went from there. I was a County Champion, and a 2 x All-State wrestler out of New York. My brother and I joined our first MMA fight team when i was 15 and he was 17 but I couldn’t do it full time as my wrestling coaches wouldn’t let me.”

Anthony burst onto the scene between 2009 and 2010 winning eight straight fights before being offered a spot in the WEC which at the time was the pinnacle of competition for a 145 lbs fighter. Four days before Anthony made his WEC debut in Canada his younger brother was making the first professional appearance of his career 8,000 miles away in Singapore.

“I was wrestling in college and i was getting bored of where I was and the situation I was in, so I saved up a couple of grand and moved to Bangkok. Anthony has been a great influence in my life, seeing him take it to the high level and compete with the top 10 in the world and do well shows me I can do the same. He also moved to Hawaii to train with B.J. Penn right after he graduated so seeing him make the leap gave me the confidence to try something and leave as well.”  (Interview source – James Goyder)

Having joined Phuket Top Team as a team fighter, we now look forward to seeing Andrew develop more under Professor Silvio and Master Silviu Vulc as well as of course smashing some pads with the thai trainers.



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