Training with Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp thailand

Aspirations, Inspirations, Dedication…. Mouths busier than Feet

Looking at and watching the world of combat sport – i see all kinds of people, their dreams, hopes, what they say they want and who they believe they are or will be….

The problem, most are not who or what they want to be or think they are.

I’ve seen successful fighters, ive spoken with them and watched them.

The reoccurring feature of all these true fighters – they simply manage to continually do what others can only put together for 1 or 2 weeks at a time.

They often were not or are not the most skilled person in the gym, not the strongest, not the prettiest….. but they continually do what is required. Day after day, weeek after week …. and then BOOM…. before you know it they are veterans – accomplished and determined.

At the gym (phuket top team) we are trying to build a STRONG fight team – both muay thai and MMA.

From guys in the team – in the past 2 weeks, ive heard everything:

“alarm didn’t work” – “my body is telling me to rest” – “i mis-read the timetable” – “i thought i was prepared”

man its frustrating.

As we move forward we will see who remains and who leaves us….

But in the end – Winners Do, and others…. well, they had a good excuses why they couldn’t.



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