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Jiu-Jitz / The Weekend & Flooding

Busy week (again) with the 2 babies and the gym starting to pick up.

This week we saw the return of Phuket Top Teams youngest Team member – Kya (10yrs old)

Kya didn’t return alone…. he brought with him a well-earned Gold Medal from the biggest bjj tournament in Australia – The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Pan Pacific Championships.

Kya represented well, taking home the gold.

We also have 3 guys competing and representing P.T.T in the Thailand Bjj Open

(unfortunately 2/3 of the guys keen to go, simply could not afford the trip to bkk/accom/entrance fees etc)

Still good to have 3 guys testing there skills in Thailand’s biggest bjj tournament.

So good luck to Ben Finnegan, Michael Galvin and Fran Keogh !

As for me…. it’s the weekend (nearly) finishing work 7pm saturday – and planning to enjoy my 1 day off !

Zoo, go karts and taking the kids to the beach in the late afternoon. Sounds like a plan

Big shout-out to the Thai people suffering and dealing with Huge and devastating floods.

Its times like these i realise how much i love Thai people, they often have little… but are so resilient, help each other so much in times of need and make light and stay happy even during something like this.


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