Training with Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp thailand

So much work goes into a gym

Just taking the time to write this blog seems like a huge effort.

Im literally trying to figure out how to write something interesting in as small a time as possible….

Ive put my heart and soul into this gym, hours on end, time and stress was a big part of it.

This week i feel over A hump (not THE hump) *yet*

Things are running well, classes are happening, students are happy and most things are set up.

This week we are organising the second muay thai ring and the extension of the Strength & Conditioning /weights area.

There is alot planned in the future of the gym, connections, promotions etc etc.

But the biggest thingfor now is the fighters and those looking at becoming competative in muay thai / K1 / mma / jiu jitsu / sambo or even boxing.

I went for a light run today, and for the first time in my life… i felt things bouncing! My cheeks seemed to move more and i even got a bit of movement on the side belly.

Ahhhh its going to be a litte road back to fitness, but its got to be done.

This year i want to fight again and then over 2012/13 i want to bang out as many thai / K1 fights as i can.




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