Training with Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp thailand

The Gym & The crazy days

So im supposed to be blogging like mad to try and help market the gym etc. etc.

My days have been insane since we officially opened now 2 weeks ago. The gym is doing well and the trainers have been great !

We now have Cyrus Washington here, which is always great to have him in town. This guy is an absolute warrior and a genuinely nice dude.

Check out cyrus on his website

Also looking forward to Ian Enty’s visit. Another great fighter with a great attitude towards the sport. Ian is at

The thing im happy with most is the atmosphere and the attitude the GYM has built up.

There really are NO EGOS and we really are building a dedicated team. in 2 weeks of being open we have had 3 pro muay thai fights, 2 wins, 1 absolute war. 2 pro mma fights 1 win 1 decision loss and we have rob hill training for his big MMA fight in macau with LEGEND FC as well as cyrus training for his big muay thai fight with K1 and muay thai superstar Kaoklai. Jed and Will chope both training for there fights in China !

So things are busy and the attitudes are great. The gym is doing well and we really are developing fighters.

Now…. just to find some time to get myself fit again… and fight AGAIN 🙂


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