Training with Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp thailand

Phuket Top Team – First Time In Action

After a hard week of training me and Rafael (PTT’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu trainer & PTT fighter) decided to meet at 6pm for a good sparring session. We put on head gear, shin pads, 16oz gloves and went at it for 3 rounds. Once we were exhausted we took off the pads and rolled for a couple of rounds….. until my hamstring kinda tweaked (not sure what exactly it was)

End of the day we were both stuffed, a little bruised and looking forward to a sleep in….

9am the next day we get a call – Promoter needs a fighter…. Rafael had said he was interested in a fight to get rid of ring rust and get him ready for a June Pro MMA fight.

So with 10 hours notice Rafael (5-2 in muay thai) took a fight against Jomhod Kiatadisak ( 13 x World Champion, 2 x Rajadamnern champion and 1 x Lumpinee champion) Call him crazy – which he kinda’ is… but Rafael saw it as a good oppertunity to spar with a champion in preparation for his MMA fight ( a good way to look at it )


Rafael wasnt yet fight fit and was still a little bruised up from our sparring. The fight itself was great. 5 rounds of tough action. Rafael surprised Jomhod with his use of Teeps, over hand left and then the awesome takedowns/sweeps he was able to score on Jomhod. In the end the muay thai game belongs to Jomhod. The experience was perfect for Rafael.

A great showing for Phuket Top Team overall – had lots of support and Rafael was able to do the team proud. Silviu (head mma/boxing/sambo coach) was in the corner and Thai trainer Neung was also helping out in the corner.


Great to see how tight the team was, thats kinda’ the point of all this. Creating a strong team, as they say ‘Steel sharpens Steel’ and our team motto as you see on the shirts “No Egos, Only Dedication”


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