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A Team is A Family

At 15,16 and 17 years old i remember watching Mike Tyson highlight clips. I would get a warm buzzing feeling all over, slip on the shoes and go running, side stepping pot holes n picturing the overhand left that Tyson would land.

I love that feeling, when someone shows heart, or a level of competitive aggression that gives you that buzz. Inspiration is something we all need to find day to day.

The reason i say all this is that yesterday i found something that gave me that feeling Again – Strikeforce: Diaz Vs Daley.

An amazing card – but the inspiration for me came in 2 parts:

Seeing a team (Team Cesar Gracie) the way they stick together, the way the build each other up and the dominance they have created – With Phuket Top Team i feel like this is exactly the style i would like to imitate.

The second inspiration was just watching Nick Diaz Vs Paul Daley – an amazing fight and probably a personal fav. of mine this year. Diaz showed heart, got dropped, re-focused and proved that Nick Diaz is not only a champion and contender to beat GSP but also a highly entertaining fighter.

I think with the era some call the “greg jackson era” that game plans and the strong wrestling/Lay ‘n’ Pray game – has created a slightly boring form of fighting. successful yes but sometimes boring. Diaz can never been accused of being boring or stalling, this guy brings the fight 100% of the time.

I Watched the event the went for a run…. i relaxed and ate…watched the Diaz fight again and spent the next 20 mins walking around the house kneeing open doors, teeping closed the microwave and elbowing cushions.

Below is a small clip from the Cesar Gracie Team (not the diaz V daley fight) just a team highlight


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