Training with Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp thailand

massage (the real kind) 1hr of needed muscle recovery

This morning begun with me waking at 8:55am for a 9am session in MMA/Sambo with Silviu.

Half a cereal bar, one scoop of No-Explode and i was out the door….

good session, worked takedows off the striking and counter-striking and of course (footwork as per usual) The 2 hr session ended with 15mins of free grappling. Again a world of pain was put down on me 🙂

Felt better than the first grappling session- will take a while to get the rolling fitness back (a unique fitness in its own)

Felt ok, had a shower and a real meal – then sat down…. then realised my neck didnt really want to turn.

Aaaahhhh the fun of the ground game, seriously i would take a busted lip or a swollen eye over a spasmed neck or stiff back ANYDAY.

So i was off to a massage (thai style) – I have been in Thailand over 2 years so i had kinda gotten ‘over’ regular massages (which i used to love) Today i went for the first time in maybe 3 months. The massage was perfect – hard, muscle relaxing and small elements of chiropractor style crushing and twisting. Feel much better – see how i pull up tomorrow.

The plan is AM – 3km run followed by 200m sprints X 10 and 200m sprint Rows x 10

PM – strength & conditioning session – 5×5 min rounds, with 1 min per exercise after 5 mins a 1 min break before the next round. Heart rate during rounds is to be above 145/150 the whole way through.


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