Training with Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp thailand

Grappling/wrestling again – The pain & the gain

I have missed grappling, its been so long (maybe 1 and a half years)

But i deff. havnt missed the pain…. im stiff, cramps, muscle aches and feeling like an old man. I have to say this is all a feeling ive missed. Training with Silviu in sambo/MMA has been awesome.

The effectivness of this guys techniques are amazing, world class boxing (Former romanian olympic team boxing coach) combined with his wrestling/takedowns/judo and then the ground game… wow waaaaaay to much to learn and not enough hours in a day to learn it all.

Silviu decided to put the pressure on (after 1 and half hours of training) with 20 mins of hard grappling. Stopping only after i tap. 7 Taps in 20 mins left me a little broken – the leg locks, foot locks, cranks are mental.

Overall i miss that level of intensity and the “hardness” in the training. These Eastern Europeans dont F*#k around.

Like they say NO pain No gain – does that mean more pain more gain ?

If it does then i am gaining a HEAP !


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