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When it rains it Rains…..

Its not supposed to be raining right now… but theres no point in complaining (easier said with a car than a motorbike – i know)

The news says another 3/4/5 days of rain – then hopefully it will burst out with some sun in time for Songkran.

If you have never seen Songkran in Thailand then your missing out. This is easily the happiest and best fun time of the year for most thais and tourists alike.

Everyone has the day (sometimes 6 or 7 days) off and its a big water festival. Cleansing yourself with powder then washing it away. Great reason to let loose, have a drink and laugh and smile for a long time.

Spent today running from rain – REAL sore from mondays 2 hour MMA/Sambo session with Silviu followed by a Tabada sprint session covering about 4km with heart rate over 150.

Looking forward to 2 hour MMA/Sambo session again tomorrow followed by a Strenth & Conditioning session in the afernoon.



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